How Can Preventing STD or Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

How Can Preventing STD or Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

One of the most popular topics of questions is about STDs or diseases transmitted by sex. There is a saying doctor: "Better preventi

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One of the most popular topics of questions is about STDs or diseases transmitted by sex. There is a saying doctor: “Better prevention than cure. ” This is true of STDs because there are some here that could be, was not lost on your body ( such as HIV / AIDS ). The current STD may also damage relationships, and hurt the pocket if you need to buy drugs for it.

10 rules that can prevent diseases having sex :

1. Avoiding sex.

If you do not have sex, you do not even infect. Simple, right? But in real life I know it is hard to do for most. But if you can afford, it’s the most effective way to prevent STDs.

2. Being honest.

Because STDs can be passed from someone else, if there are no two people are the only STD sex couples, they do not contaminate. So far an honest organization that is also a way of avoiding STDs. But The most important both honest partner. You just can not, or he just.

3. Avoiding having sex with who they.

Most STDs are transmitted by having sex with just anyone, and including commercial sex workers or women ( and men ) payable for sex. If you are male, it also includes having sex with both men and if you are female, including sex with both women.

4. Use of condoms.

If you do not actually get the previous advice, you use a condom if you are male, and if you are female, make sure you use a condom is your partner to grow. The use of condoms should be made to vaginal sex ( penis entering the port of women ) and anal sex ( penis entering the bottom of the female or male ). Note that the condom, although great help in the prevention of STDs, is not 100 % effective

5. Avoiding the ‘ high-risk behaviors.

Each ‘ type’ of sex is a risk or danger. The ‘ anal sex ‘ is ‘ high risk ‘ because only the thin skin top so easily transmits infections such as HIV / AIDS. But even the ‘ oral sex ‘ or ingestion the penis or vagina can also be a means to infect some STDs.

6. Avoiding alcohol and drugs while having sex.

When a person is drunk or ‘ high ‘ on drugs, our inhibitions are lost and easy to carry or be build things we do not want. Many women are exploited while they were drunk. Easier to agree not to use condoms, or forget, when drunk.

7. Observation of the early symptoms.

Carefully observe your own symptoms of STDs such as the boil, boil, steam, pus, pain, warts, changing color, etc. – and checked it early.

8. Consultation in advance.

Although embarrassing doctor checked such serious things, important given the proper medication to avoid complications. For example, the disease syphilis will show up as a lump and just disappear spontaneously, but after a few months, it can return to the more severe form. If you had an STD, you also need to be honest with your partner about it because she might as well have been exposed to. It was hard to do because it’s an admission of guilt, but it is good for both of you.

9. Compliance with proper treatment.

The germs that cause STDs are getting used to taking antibiotics and consequently, strengthen them louder, and sometimes reaches the point of no avail to them the old antibiotics. So you need to create a new ( and more expensive) antibiotics. One way to prevent this is to follow the doctor’s prescription. If it says take antibiotics for seven days, take it to the 7th day. This is to ensure that suppressed the virus.

10. Preventing counterfeit drugs.

Desperate and ashamed because of those who are infected, they can easily be silly promises medicine – herbal maps or map – supplements man – allegedly therapeutic of STDs. Be wise and vigilant of these products.

Apart from the advice, we have mentioned, should also remember that it has NO EFFECT on the prevention of STD; do not rely on it:

The manual washing and bathing finish having sex
Taking a pill of antibiotics after sex
Urination after sex
Taking the pills for women



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