Stimulate metabolism 2017

Stimulate metabolism 2017

Our digestion system and our weight are firmly connected: in the event that you have a dynamic digestion system, the weight reduction is simpler. How

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Our digestion system and our weight are firmly connected: in the event that you have a dynamic digestion system, the weight reduction is simpler. How dynamic the digestion system relies on upon different variables. In addition to other things, the age, the sex, and the nourishment assume a part. Luckily, in any case, you can do a great deal to get a slow digestion system. We uncover how you can viably fortify your digestion system.
Metabolism, called metabolism, is a process that combines all biochemical processes that take place in our body cells. These include the uptake, transport, and transformation of substances as well as the delivery of metabolic end products. The metabolism thus ensures that our body functions are kept running, that we can build up the body substance and that our body is supplied with energy.
An important parameter associated with metabolism is the basic metabolic rate. This is the amount of energy that the body consumes at rest. In addition to complete physical rest, indifference temperature (28 degrees) and a sober stomach are further prerequisites for determining the basic turnover.

Metabolism and weight

Our metabolism has a significant influence on our body weight. People with a sluggish metabolism are more likely to have and have problems losing weight. If the metabolism is extremely active, the affected persons are often very thin and are only very difficult to gain.
Behind a slow metabolism can cause various causes. Age plays an important role, for example. Thus, younger people usually have a faster metabolism than older persons. Gender also has an effect: As men generally have more muscle mass than women, they burn more energy.
In addition to age, various other factors may have a negative effect on the metabolism. These include an unhealthy diet with too much sugar, dieting and fasting, and too little sport. Likewise, however, certain diseases, such as, for example, thyroid function, can lead to a slowed metabolism.

Stimulate metabolism

Luckily there are some tips and tricks with which you can stimulate your metabolism. What is most important is that you get the fat burning into the swing – this works best through sport. But also a healthy diet and the choice of the right foods are important. We have put together the best ways to boost your metabolism.

Small portions of food

To get the metabolism moving, it is advisable to do without large, heavy meals. It is also advisable not to take too many calories. Then it can happen that the body switches to hunger mode and tries to store as much fat as possible. Instead, take small portions every day.
It is best to use smaller – or at the main meal times also slightly larger – healthy snacks. Fruit, vegetables, and salads, for example, are suitable. Also, seeds, as well as unroasted and unsalted nuts, are recommended. For nuts, however, you should pay attention to the high-calorie content. In addition, you can also safely grasp millet and quinoa.

Other nutrition tips

In addition to the portion size and the type of food taken, there are other tips and tricks to boost your metabolism:
Before drinking a glass of water with a splash of lemon or apple cider. Alternatively, a hot ginger tea is recommended. In general, be sure to drink at least two to three liters a day.
“Eat a diet rich in fiber! In particular, use soluble fiber. These can bind larger amounts of water and thus swell in the intestine. The soluble dietary fibers include, among others, pectin, which is mainly contained in the fruit.
If possible, only eat foods with a high nutrient density. These include products that contain more nutrients compared to other foods with fewer calories. In addition to fruit and vegetables, cereals, legumes, low-fat meat and low-fat fish are also recommended.
Take care to provide your body with enough vitamin C. It is best to eat vitamin C-rich fruits such as Acerola cherries, apples, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, and lemons over the course of the day. Also recommended are vegetable varieties such as broccoli, peppers or spinach.
Stimulate the metabolism: Sport helps!
Sport is probably the best way to get the metabolism to thrive. Not only energy is burned during sports, but also muscle is built up. This increases the basic metabolic rate because muscular energy consumes more energy than other tissues.
In order to build muscle, you should perform regular exercise exercises regularly. In this way, you can stimulate problem areas such as the abdomen, the legs or the buttocks, and also stimulate your metabolism wonderfully. Simply find a suitable workout in our fitness section!

Persistent training burns calories

If you want to do strength training rather than strength, you can also boost your metabolism on this way. For example, go for a round of jogging, cycling or swimming. If you are really exhausted, the metabolism will continue to increase after the end of the workout and the pounds will go down!
It is also helpful to integrate more exercise into everyday life: so do not use the escalator and co. Also in the office is some movement great. Look for your colleague personally at the office instead of writing an email. Or use the lunch break for a long walk.



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