Symptoms of cancer that women should not ignore

Symptoms of cancer that women should not ignore

The women are smarter than men and have interest if the question is about health care. They check-ups immediately to protect their bodies against an

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The women are smarter than men and have interest if the question is about health care.

They check-ups immediately to protect their bodies against any illness.

However, not all the time. Examples of these are young women. Whatever they feel they just ignored because of only sudden pain. sometimes severe shovel that they did not yet know.

With the belief, says that cancer is only for older women. This may be true, but many of the younger women develop it.

Here are 15 possible symptoms of cancer that ignored women

1. Unexplained weight loss. Many women want to lose weight, but there’s unexplained weight loss,. for example, 10 pounds a month is not good, and especially we don’t know why. At other times it is due to overactive thyroid, however, if it’s not the real case, consult specialist cancer.

2. Pamamaga (Bloating). The field inflammation of the stomach is common in women as ” kinakabagan”. But it can also teach ovary cancer. Other symptoms are abdominal pain, hip, as well as always full even if you do not eat much, and always urinate. If the swelling is always observed on a daily basis, consult a doctor to undergo CT scans, blood tests and so on.

3. Alteration of the breast. If there’s a lump in the breast. Not only that, when found with redness and nodosity of the breast skin, swelling, red rash that is removable for more than a week, you should consult with a doctor.

Everything else, if there is a change in nipple breast, as well as if there appears to be pus consult your doctor immediately.

You must also undergo testing, such as a mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, and A biopsy.

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4. Between periods or bleeding is so unique. The women approaching menopause are ignoring the sometimes unusual bleeding. Because they think it’s just naturally strong and they have unusual bleeding.

When the woman was menopause and not long menstruation and the menstrual period immediately again she may have endometrial cancer. GI bleeding may be symptoms of colorectal cancer.

5. Alteration of the skin. According to the majority, the mole was a popular sign of skin cancer. But we must still observe the color of the skin.

When there was a sudden bleeding into the skin or as many thick scales, you should consult a doctor

6. Fainting spells. If you have trouble swallowing food. Can be changed to your diet. Change the type of food that is easy to swallow.

But the difficulty of swallowing can also be a sign of cancer of the esophagus. According to Leonard Lichtenfeld, MD. deputy chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society

7. Blood in the wrong place. According to Mishori, if you notice blood in the urine or stool, do not assume, it is from hemorrhoids. It may be Colon Cancer. consult the doctor, and have a test follows Colonoscopy, which is used to discover if you have cancer when you saw the blood in the bowl and if it’s not the date for your menstruation,.necessary to take it, to see if there is a bladder or kidney cancer.

Coughing up blood should also be examined.

8. Seeming biting abdominal pain and depression. When a woman feels abdominal pain and concurrent depression feel it is appropriate to consult a doctor, according to the researcher’s answers that the depression having Pancreatic Cancer.

9. Non-indigestion. Pregnant women often experience indigestion in their food, as they have grown fat due to pregnancy. But not to eat indigestion is unclear the reason may be early evidence of cancer of the throat, esophagus, and stomach.

10. Strange things in the mouth. The chain-smoking should be alert to see white patches in the mouth or white spots on the tongue, according to the American Cancer Society. The two aforementioned may be evidence of the initial symptoms of cancer or called leukoplakia.

11. Pains. The older the person, different types of pain throughout the body is experiencing. However, since it is also possible that the pain caused by early symptoms of different types of cancer. The unexplained pain must consult a doctor.

12. Variance in Lymph Nodes. If you see a lump or swelling of the lymph nodes under the armpit or on the neck, even in other parts of your body – it’s alarming

13. Fever. If a fever is not declaratory, especially if you do not have a cold or flu. The fever usually feel if cancer has spread gradually in the body

It can also be early symptoms of blood cancer, leukemia or lymphoma. This is according to the American Cancer Society. The other symptoms of cancer are jaundice or unusual colored stools

14. Fatigue. Fatigue is another vague or exact symptoms that may be cancer a person. The constant feeling of tiredness is as if experience chronic cancer.

But with time immediately also feels, as if it is cancer, blood, intestines, and stomach

15. Continues having a cough. A cough is common with colds, allergies, flu and sometimes gets results in treating various types of diseases. But too – long cough, like a month should not be ignored. Examined the throat, lungs and more x-rays, and more especially if you love to smoke.



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