15 Ways to tell if someone is Suicidal

15 Ways to tell if someone is Suicidal

Suicide the act of taking own life. A horrific act but sadly a common occurrence. Every forty seconds, someone dies from suicide. That's one million

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Suicide the act of taking own life. A horrific act but sadly a common occurrence. Every forty seconds, someone dies from suicide. That’s one million people per year. Maybe you’ve never dealt with suicide directly. Maybe someone you know has attempted or committed suicide. Perhaps you attempted suicide. Whatever your experience with suicide is, it’s very important to understand the signs of suicidal behavior.  But please keep in mind that not every suicidal person will show these signs. In addition, seeing a single sign does not mean that the person is suicidal.

 Here are the 15 Ways to tell if someone is Suicidal:

 1. Suicidal TalkWhat do you think about suicide? Have you ever thought about killing yourself? How would you kill yourself? What do you think is the best way to commit suicide? Question or phrases like these may suggest that the person is considering it. They talk about it because they want your opinion. In a way, they’re asking for advise on committing suicide, while not openly admitting to it. This may also be a way they’re screaming for help.

2. Giving away Prized Possessions
It’s an odd occurrence when someone gives away expensive items or items they may need. In their mind, where they are going they don’t need material things. Giving away material possessions to loved ones may be a way they think they’re helping friend and family after their death.

 3. Changes to their Will
There are usually a number of triggering events that cause someone to write their will. These events include: marriage, having kids, older age, starting a business, or a closed loved one dying. If a person seems to want to write a will out of the blue, try asking them why they have decided to write one.
 4. Obtaining a weapon
Of course, the mere act of obtaining a weapon doesn’t mean someone is suicidal, but paired with the previous signs mentioned, should serve as a warning. Especially if they don’t show any of taking
up things like shooting as a sport, shooting as a hobby, or gun collecting.
 5. Strange sleeping patterns
Those strange sleeping patterns are often seen in suicidal people. It isn’t the sleeping disorder that causes this. It is actually the stress or restless thoughts from personal problems that cause the person to have trouble sleeping at night. Because of that, the inability to sleep that last a long period of time may be a clue that someone is suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts.6. Low Energy
Low energy levels are often seen in people with depression, which is sometimes coupled with suicidal thoughts. This low energy levels happen as a result of lack of sleep and little motivation to do activities that actually help them feel better.

 7. Abusing Drugs or Alcohol
A study by Bruce Alexander the theory of drug addiction on rats. Previous studies had concluded rats to be highly motivated for addictive drugs, despite the obvious risks of beginning electrocuted
or the deprivation of food. Alexander challenged that notion by conducting a study of his own. He would put the rats in cages where they were free to do activities and interact with other rats. In past studies, the rats were in cages alone, often with nothing to do but the addictive drug. In Alexander’s study, he found the rats to rarely take the drug. The same implications can be made for humans. When humans don’t feel connected to anyone, they may turn to drugs and alcohol as a form of escape. Another reason may be because they think the drug might give them enough willpower to commit suicide.

 8. Low motivation for social life
People who want to commit suicide often drop out of their social lives. Depressed and suicidal people often don’t feel connected to others around them. As a result, they may end up dropping existing friends or family, because they don’t feel good enough for them. They may also see socializing as a distant important thing.

 9. Not participating in activities they love
See in depression as well, suicidal people find no interest in activities they love anymore. Nothing seems to matter and their interest is diminished.

 10. Self-harm
Self-harm is one of the biggest signs that someone might be suicidal. Examples of this include cutting, burning, and poisoning, oneself. In a sense, it’s a way that suicidal people test the waters to see if they actually have what it takes to commit suicide. Former self-harmers often say that the physical pain helps them escape the emotional one.
 11. Risky behavior
Studies have shown that suicidal people tend to take more risks. Look out for signs such as driving recklessly or picking fights.
 12. Emotional outbursts
Look for unexplained reactions to certain things people have said in their presence. It might make no sense to you why these words are triggering such an emotional response, but it could be words that remind them of a traumatic event in their life.

13. Body language
This is a very general sign, but paired with the previous signs could be a good clue of depression and suicidal thoughts. Look for body language such as slump shoulders, staring at the floor, and unwillingness to make eye contact.

14. Past suicide attempts

The number one and most obvious sign that someone might be suicidal is if they have a history of attempting it in the past. This is called suicidal tendencies. One thing people don’t understand about
depression is that it’s not easily cured by a pill. A sudden stop of medication may trigger a worse wave of depression, that will lead to another suicide attempt.

15. Happiness and calmness
This sign is hard to spot because you might be under the impression that the person is doing better. A misconception about depression is the lowest point, you know when they’re really sad and in bad
in one’s life, is what causes this person to commit suicide. What actually happens at this point is that the person is unwilling to do anything. They are at such a low point that they are unwilling to eat, watch TV or partake in their favorite activities. Their days are spent mostly in bed. Committing suicide actually takes energy and planning, so this happens just above the lowest point. when they have the energy to think clearly and execute it. Just before the suicide, family members or close friends who were in contact with the victim, have even reported seeing them happy and calm. This is because the suicidal person has finalized their plan, and think they can finally escape the pain of this world.



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