Himalayan Pink salt: Uses and Health benefits

Himalayan Pink salt: Uses and Health benefits

Himalayan salt, also known as Himalayan crystal salt, is a type of rock salt best known for its striking pink color which comes from the natural p

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Himalayan salt, also known as Himalayan crystal salt, is a type of rock salt best known for its striking pink color which comes from the natural presence of several trace minerals, including magnesium and iodine. Himalayan salt contains the same 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in the human body, a few of which include sodium chloride, sulfate, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. When consuming this salt, you are actually getting less sodium intake per serving than regular table salt because it is less refined and the pieces are larger. Some of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy by consuming this salt in place of regular table salt. Pink Himalayan Salt, A mineral-rich table salt alternative.

 Pink Himalayan salt is a natural salt that has only recently gained popularity among health-conscious consumers in the last 15 years also referred to by the names pink salt Himalayan crystal salt and occasionally Himalayan sea salt it is primarily used as a table salt alternative like little mini crystals it is known to contain a rich source of trace minerals that exist within a unique crystalline form. Shades may vary from rosy salmon colored pink’s too sheer white or translucent with darker pigments usually indicative of its mineral concentration and iron content it is frequently used today as a finely ground salt but the course or larger crystals are also resolved in water and used as a Soleil or saltwater solution.
 Health Benefits and its Uses:

 Maintains a Healthy pH balance

 It is important to maintain a healthy pH balance in the body, which means the cells indoor body is slightly alkaline in nature. This aids in the proper functioning of the body and inhibits the growth of cancer cells, disease-causing bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites.
 Himalayan salt helps maintain this alkalinity in the body. As the salt helps remove acidic toxins from the body, the body’s pH becomes more normal and slightly alkaline, which aids in regulating the concentration of hydrogen ions in the body fluids.
 How to use:
  • To help maintain a proper pH balance in the body, mix 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt sole in a glass of filtered water and drink it daily in the morning.
 Detoxifies the body

  Adding Himalayan salt to your bath water creates a rejuvenating and detoxifying bath.
The electrical charge of the Himalayan salt, as well as its various minerals, get transferred into the water. So when you take a bath in this water, it helps draw toxins out of healthy cells and into your bloodstream. From there, the toxins are released out of your system.
 How to use:
  • Put 1 to 2 pounds of Himalayan salt in the bathtub filled with warm water.
  • Soak yourself in this bath no longer than 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Enjoy this bath 2 or 3 times a month.
Normalises Blood Sugar

 People suffering from diabetes as well as those who are at a higher risk of the disease can benefit from Himalayan salt. Certain minerals in this salt, such as chromium, vanadium, manganese, and magnesium, help keep your blood sugar at a normal level.
 Chromium helps turn carbohydrates into glucose as well as aids the regulation and production of insulin. Without adequate chromium in the body, insulin cannot function properly.
 How to use:
  • To keep your blood sugar level normal, ditch your regular table salt and switch to Himalayan salt for cooking.
Relieves Skin Inflammation

 Pink salt is also beneficial in reducing skin inflammation. It has high levels of magnesium, which has a hydrating, anti-inflammatory effect on inflamed skin. It strengthens the skin barrier and aids in retaining moisture in the skin. For those suffering from extremely dry skin, psoriasis or eczema, enjoying a pink salt bath can be very effective.
 How to use:
  • Add 1 cup of pink salt to a bathtub filled with lukewarm water.
  • Stir thoroughly, then soak yourself in this soothing water for 30 minutes.
  • Enjoy this relaxing bath several times a week
Cleanses the Digestive Tract
 Himalayan salt also helps naturally cleanse the digestive tract. It acts as a laxative and forces your digestive system to release stored toxins in the form of waste. This, in turn, helps keep the gastrointestinal system free from impurities. Plus, the dozens of minerals in Himalayan salt are good for the digestive system.
 How to use:
  • Put 2 teaspoons of pure pink salt into a quart jar.
  • Fill the jar with lukewarm water.
  • Give the jar a nice shake to help dissolve and suspend the salt.
  • Add the juice of 1 lemon to improve the taste
  • Drink the entire solution, first thing in the morning.

Provides relief from Respiratory Diseases

 Pink salt cleanses the respiratory system and helps keep it free of harmful toxins. Its anti-inflammatory nature helps loosen up excessive mucus and speeds up mucociliary transport.
 It even removes harmful pathogens from the track that can delay the healing process. The particles of pink salt also penetrate deep into the lungs to treat damaged tissues.
 How to use:
  • Put 1 tablespoon of pure pink salt in a small tub of hot water.
  • Position your head over the tub and cover your head with a towel.
  • Continuously inhale the steam for 10 minutes to clear out the nasal and air passages leading to the respiratory system.
  • Repeat 2 to 3 times a day or as needed.
Promotes Sound Sleep
 Proper sleep is essential for overall health. If you suffer from sleep deprivation, Himalayan salt is your answer.
 The long list of minerals in this salt supports your adrenal glands and keeps your body alkaline, which in turn promotes sound sleep. The magnesium in it is crucial for relaxation, reducing stress and promoting high sleep quality. Additionally, this salt helps with depression by regulating your serotonin level.
 How to use:
  • Mix 5 teaspoons of organic raw honey with 1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt in an airtight jar.
  • Put a small amount of this mixture under your tongue at night daily to enjoy quality sleep.



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