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Janice de Belen explains why she can’t work with ex-husband John Estrada



Actress Janice de Belen said she is not open to working with ex-husband John Estrada in the future.

In a video for Jeepney TV, Janice and daughter Kaila Estrada asked questions they never asked each other.

Kaila asked Janice if she would be open to working with her former lovers; her father John Estrada and Aga Muhlach. Janice explained that she can work with Aga because they were never married. However, it’s a different case for John.

“The relationship is different. It’s different with your dad kasi naging mag-asawa kami. ‘Yung disagreements namin were not tiny disagreements. The reason for us separating, it’s not a tiny thing. It’s not just a disagreement. So many hurtful things, so many hurtful words have already been exchanged. And there’s a reason why we’re not exactly friends,” she narrated.

She added that it will be good not only for them, but also for the people who may be working with them if they won’t work with each other.

“It’s not gonna work. [With] everything that has happened between the both of us, we might be an inconvenience to the people that we are working with and working for so ‘wag na lang kaming maging problema at all,” Janice said.

“Let’s reserve those things for when you guys get married then we really have to be in one room together. Let’s reserve it for those occasions,” she said.

Janice also asked Kaila how she was able to process their situation.

Kaila said she did not really understand what happened then because she was still young, but now that she is older, she realized that Janice must have gone through a lot.

But Janice said she focused on getting better because she did not want her kids to see her down.

“Your recovery, the way you kids will recover will depend on how I recovered kasi kung nakikita n’yo ko na araw-araw umiiyak or troubled… dun kayo mas nahihirapan. And I wanted to make sure that I would be okay ‘pag humarap na ako sa inyo para ang iwo-worry ko na lang, kayo, hindi na ‘yung sarili ko,” she explained further.

Janice and John got married in 1992, but eventually separated in 2001. Their wedding was annulled in 2004. They have four children – Inah, Moira, Kaila, and Yuan.

Watch the Jeepney TV video:

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‘God’s greatest gift’: Rita Daniela happy at proud na ‘soon to be a mother’ na siya




Soon-to-be-mom na si Rita Daniela matapos nitong ianunsyo ang kanyang unang pagbubuntis sa variety show ng GMA na “All-Out Sundays.”

Inamin ng aktres-singer ang kanyang pagbubuntis pagkatapos ng kanyang pagtatanghal sa nasabing palabas, na ,apapanood sa YouTube channel ng GMA Network noong, Hunyo 26.

Bukod sa kanyang anunsyo, nagpahayag din ng pasasalamat si Daniela sa network sa kanilang suporta.

“I’m so happy and proud to say that I am soon to be a mother,” sabi niya. “Wala naman po akong planong ilihim ito. Naghanap lang po ako ng tamang oras para sabihin and to share the new blessing in my life.”

Bago kumanta, inilarawan ng 26-anyos ang kanyang pagbubuntis bilang isang pagpapala na magbabago sa kanyang buhay at isang bagay na ipaagpapasalamat niya sa Diyos magpakailanman.

Ipinakita rin ni Rita ang kanyang baby bump pati na rin ang sonogram ng kanyang baby, sa pamamagitan ng kanyang Instagram page, matapos ang kanyang pag-amin.

“My child, you came just in time. You are God’s greatest gift to me. You give me hope to make more dreams COME true,” aniya. “I shall do anything and everything that’s best for you. Always.”

“Nanay will always make sure that you have a heart for people and joy in the Lord.

“I can’t wait to meet you, anak. Ngayon pa lang, mahal na mahal na kita,” dagdag pa niya.

Marami ang nagulat ngunit bumuhos naman ang pagbati mula sa mga followers pati na rin ang kapwa celebrities.

“Omgggeeee!! Congratulations!!!”

“Congratulations my dear Rita. What a blessing from heaven above. You take care and I’ll see you soon.”

“Congrats Rita!!”

May longtime non-showbiz boyfriend na umano si Rita ngunit hindi naman niya ito nabanggit.

Samantala, nagbida siya kamakailan sa TV series na “Ang Dalawang Ikaw” kasama ang kanyang onscreen love team partner na si Ken Chan.

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Cesar Montano says being with kids on Father’s Day a ‘dream come true’




Actor Cesar Montano is over the moon upon his reunion with his kids on Father’s Day.

In an interview with Push, he said that what happened on Father’s Day is a dream come true for him so he is happy that he did not have to force the reunion to happen.

“Nakakatuwa na magsama-sama silang lahat na parang ano ba ito, a dream come true. Kasi kung pipilitin kong mangyari ‘yon, hindi mangyayari ‘yon,” he told Push. “It happened like a flow of water. Natural na natural na nangyari eh. I’ve been praying about this to happen kaya siguro answered prayer lang kaya nakakatuwa.”

He said that his children spent the time reminiscing about their childhood.

“Masaya kami we had a grand time ‘tong last Father’s Day. Nagkuwentuhan, nagbalik sila sa bahay, kuwentuhan doon. Nakakatuwa. Of course reminiscing those kids days nila, kung paano ko sila pinapagalitan, kung paano kami nagkukuwentuhan, those things iba-iba. Tawanan nang tawanan,” he shared.

Looking back, Cesar said he believes that their misunderstandings in the past helped them value their relationship even more and build a stronger relationship in the present.

“Tama ang sinabi ng Diyos, ‘rejoice everyday, pray without sins and be thankful.’ So I am thankful na nangyari ‘yon kasi tama ka, kung hindi nangyari ‘yon hindi mas close ‘yan, kasi mas iba ‘yong bonding eh. Iba ‘yong adhesive na nangyari sa family noong nagkaroon ng problema.”

On Father’s Day recently, Cesar’s son Diego Loyzaga shared a photo of how they celebrated the day.

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“Happy Fathers day. To all the Dads, Fathers, Father figures & Single mothers. You are appreciated,” Diego said in an Instagram post.

His mother Teresa Loyzaga, as well as Cesar’s ex-wife Sunshine Cruz expressed their joy over the reunion.

Watch Push’s full interview with Cesar here.

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Leon Barretto asks dad Dennis Padilla: Is public sympathy really more important to you?




Days after comedian Dennis Padilla posted and then deleted a reminder to his children with ex-wife Marjorie Barretto that they forgot to greet him on Father’s Day, his son Leon Barretto has spoken up.

Leon posted his letter for Dennis on Instagram and said that “it seems that social media is your preferred way to reach us so maybe I can try it too.”

Julia and Claudia’s brother apologized for not being able to greet Dennis on Father’s Day and explained that it has always been an awkward day for them.

“Sorry if I wasn’t able to greet you a ‘Happy Father’s Day.’ It’s always been an awkward day for us cause we never seem to know where we stand with you every year. I’ve always envied people who never even have to think twice about greeting their dads a ‘Happy Father’s Day,’” Leon admitted.

He added that they have been trying to rebuild their connection with him, but it is challenging for them because Dennis talks about their private matters in public.

“Papa, why does it seem like you enjoy hurting your kids in public? Why do you keep posting cryptic posts about us and allow people to bash us on your own instagram page? Do you think it does not pain all of us to not feel protected by their own father?”

Leon said they are thinking twice about reaching out to Dennis because it does not usually end well.

“Is public sympathy really more important to you than your own children? Your words have the power to destroy your children, papa,” he said, explaining that his decision to speak up stemmed from his desire to protect his sisters.

“For years I watched my sisters get torn into pieces because of your false narratives and not once did they ever explain their side nor speak negatively about you in public. It’s exhausting, papa. As the only man in the family, this is me stepping up to protect my sisters,” he said.

“I long for the day when I can greet you a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and know that it comes from a place of gratitude and healing.”

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