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Kylie Padilla to father Robin Padilla: I support you with all my heart



Kylie Padilla congratulated her father Robin Padilla who is currently the frontrunner in the 2022 senatorial race.

In an Instagram post, Kylie admitted that she did not want to be biased in voting for her dad so she watched Robin’s interviews.

“I approached this like you were not my dad. I did my homework. I did my research. I did not want to be biased. I watched all the interviews and inintindi ko lahat ng sinabi mo,” Kylie said.

She also vowed her full support for her father.

“And all I can say is I cannot wait for you to make your dreams a reality. I support you with all my heart. You have always been passionate about helping people and now you are in a position where you can make a bigger impact. I’m so happy and proud of you,” she proudly expresed.

Kylie assured Filipinos that her father loves the Philippines and the Filipinos.

“But if I was to speak as his daughter all I have to say is mahal na mahal ng tatay ko ang Pilipinas, mahal niya ang mga tao. Parte ng pagkatao niyang tumulong. He has always been selfless pag dating sa mga taong nangangailangan.”

She added that with everything her father has been doing, he did not need to be a senator to make change happen.

“He was already doing that before all of this. Kaya whatever happens after today, however busy you become please know that I love you and support you. Congratulations @robinhoodpadilla.”

In the latest partial and unofficial results from the Comelec Transparency data, Robin still leads the senatorial race with 26,452,889 votes.

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Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla celebrate 10th anniversary




Celebrity couple Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo marked their 10th anniversary as real-life sweethearts.

In an Instagram post, Kathryn shared how they celebrated this milestone in Thailand.

“Celebrated our special day in the most unforgettable way possible and enjoyed every minute of it,” she said.

“You know how much this trip means to me and how much I looove elephants, so without a question, you agreed to do this again with me right away. All you said to me was ‘kahit san mo gusto love, susunod ako after ng trabaho ko.'”

She also thanked Daniel for making time for the trip. “Thank you for always making sure I feel loved and appreciated,” she added.

The actress also reminisced about the years they spent together and said she is convinced that true love really exists.

“Looking back on our 10-year journey together, I find myself smiling with so much pride. Because we did it… We did it, love! True love exists. Someone like you still do exist,” Kathryn also said,

“I love you so much. Happy 10th anniversary to my person!”

In an interview recently, Daniel said he is looking forward to settling down with his long-time girlfriend.

“Iyon na ‘yung next chapter ng buhay namin. Kailangan na… Ten years na rin kami. Iba ‘yung kasal. After that, you build a house together, build a family together,” he said.

“Ako, kasi, looking forward na rin ako doon. Kasi, ano pa bang ano ko sa buhay ko? Twenty-seven na ako. What’s next sa aming dalawa?”


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Ryza Cenon offers tight hugs to fellow mommies




Mothers can relate to the struggles that actress and mom-of-one Ryza Cenon shared.

“After mo magpakain, magpaligo, saka patulog ng anak mo… may moment talaga na mapapaupo ka tapos matutulala ka na lang sa pagod then sabay hingang malalim then game na ulit,” Ryza said in an Instagram post.

She then offered a tight hug to those who are experiencing the same.

“Relate din ba kayo mga mommies? Kung nakakarelate kayo isang mahigpit na yakap sa inyo mga mommies!!!”

Netizens opened up about their own struggles in the comments section of Ryza’s post.

One said that aside from the tasks that Ryza mentioned, she also has to clean the house and do the laundry.

“Minsan di mo mapapansin makakatulog ka na lang sa isang tabi. Minsan habang nakain pa nga pero kahit sabay sabay ang gawain sa araw araw dapat lagi tayong laban,” the Instagram user said.

“Minsan maiiyak ka na lang kasi ang oras mo na lang sa sarili mo 5-10 mins para maligo nang mabilis, minsan kahit pag ligo mo or urinate kasama mo pa ang isang toddler at infant mo. Pero laban lang ulit para sa kids, at the end of the day iba ang sarap pag kinikiss at tinititigan mo sila and every yakap is worth everything,” another mom shared.

Meanwhile, others complimented Ryza for staying “fresh” despite her hectic schedule. “Yes Mommy , pero bakit ako di nmn ganyan ka-ganda pag natutulala?” one commented.

Ryza has a one-year-old child with partner Miguel Cruz. She gave birth to baby Night in October 2021 after 13 hours of labor.

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Janice de Belen explains why she can’t work with ex-husband John Estrada




Actress Janice de Belen said she is not open to working with ex-husband John Estrada in the future.

In a video for Jeepney TV, Janice and daughter Kaila Estrada asked questions they never asked each other.

Kaila asked Janice if she would be open to working with her former lovers; her father John Estrada and Aga Muhlach. Janice explained that she can work with Aga because they were never married. However, it’s a different case for John.

“The relationship is different. It’s different with your dad kasi naging mag-asawa kami. ‘Yung disagreements namin were not tiny disagreements. The reason for us separating, it’s not a tiny thing. It’s not just a disagreement. So many hurtful things, so many hurtful words have already been exchanged. And there’s a reason why we’re not exactly friends,” she narrated.

She added that it will be good not only for them, but also for the people who may be working with them if they won’t work with each other.

“It’s not gonna work. [With] everything that has happened between the both of us, we might be an inconvenience to the people that we are working with and working for so ‘wag na lang kaming maging problema at all,” Janice said.

“Let’s reserve those things for when you guys get married then we really have to be in one room together. Let’s reserve it for those occasions,” she said.

Janice also asked Kaila how she was able to process their situation.

Kaila said she did not really understand what happened then because she was still young, but now that she is older, she realized that Janice must have gone through a lot.

But Janice said she focused on getting better because she did not want her kids to see her down.

“Your recovery, the way you kids will recover will depend on how I recovered kasi kung nakikita n’yo ko na araw-araw umiiyak or troubled… dun kayo mas nahihirapan. And I wanted to make sure that I would be okay ‘pag humarap na ako sa inyo para ang iwo-worry ko na lang, kayo, hindi na ‘yung sarili ko,” she explained further.

Janice and John got married in 1992, but eventually separated in 2001. Their wedding was annulled in 2004. They have four children – Inah, Moira, Kaila, and Yuan.

Watch the Jeepney TV video:

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