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Herlene Budol mourns passing of grandmother



Bb. Pilipinas candidate Herlene Budol is grieving the passing of her Nanay Bireng who stood as her mother and raised her together with her Tatay Oreng.

In an Instagram post, Herlene said Nanay Bireng succumbed to kidney failure on Monday morning.

“Nanay Bireng ko. Ito ay isang post na mahirap para sa akin na isulat…nawala na ang aking pinakamamahal na lola ngayon lang umaga 9am 6-6-22 at mamimiss kta ng sobra,” Herlene wrote on Instagram.

Herlene said her Nanay Bireng bravely fought her battle with kidney disease for the past month but she did not make it due to the complications brought by old age.

“Siya ay isang special na babae at ang pagkawala sa kanya ay lubos na nararamdaman ng marami, even though she lived a full life,” the former Wowowin host said.

“Sa naka lipas ng isang buwan, matapang siyang lumaban sa kidney failure at sakit due to ageing ay marami narin komplikasyon tulad ng High blood, diabetic at pneumonia at ang pinaka masakit ang makita siyang nag durusa sa mga huling oras na iyon ay napaka hirap.”

She added that she is deeply saddened that her Nanay Bireng will no longer be there to support her during the Bb. Pilipinas Coronation Night.

“Nanay ko…nangako ka kay @sirwil75 makakapunta kayo ni Tatay Oreng sa Binibining Pilipinas Coronation nyt ko.”

Herlene earlier thanked her grandparents for being her inspiration in joining the prestigious pageant.

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“To my Priceless Nanay Bireng at Tatay Oreng. Salamat sa magandang ngiti at inspirasyon para ilaban ko ang prestihiyosong patimpalak sa national pageant ng Bb. Pilipinas 2022,” she said.

She even decided to push for autism awareness and detection as her advocacy because of her experience.

“Laki ako kay Nanay Bireng at Tatay Oreng. Hindi sila aware pag ang isang bata ay may limitadong kakayahan sa pakikipag-usap o tinatawag na delayed speech ay kailangan kumunsulta sa Specialist para magkaron ng Assessment,” she recounted.

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Iya Villania-Arellano tells parents to treasure and capture little moments with kids




Iya Villania-Arellano reminds parents to cherish moments with their children as she shared a compilation of her kids’ precious bonding moments.

Iya and husband Drew Arellano have four kids – Primo, Leon, Alana, and Astro.

“My heart just can’t take it!!! What precious gifts they are to @drewarellano and I and to each other. But Lord, please don’t make me want more children!” she quipped.

She also told fellow parents to capture the little moments because they would want to look back at them one day.

“To the mamas and papas out there… cherish all those little moments and try to catch them too if you can. These are the moments you’ll always want to replay.”

She also tagged Drew who is currently not with them and told him that they already miss him. “@drewarellano… I know this doesn’t make it easier for you while you’re away. But because we’re cariño brutal like that, here it is anyway. We miss you! We’re here waiting for you!”

Drew replied with crying emojis.

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The Kapuso host gave birth to their youngest son March this year. Although it was the longest and most painful among all her deliveries, she considers it the most special; saying that she believes Astro will be their last child.

“I was praying for strength and courage EVERY SINGLE DAY hoping to get thru an unmedicated* birth to wrap up this journey (yes guys, I believe this is the last!),” she said.

“I was at 6cm and giving up when I asked for the drugs when all of a sudden God flipped a switch and I delivered 30-40mins after!!! He knew the desires of my heart and He opened my cervix up before the drugs came. What an experience. Thank you Lord.”

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Dimples Romana reminds followers that it’s ok to pause, not let social media dictate your dreams




Actress Dimples Romana shared a reminder that it is okay to take a pause to appreciate life’s blessings and not have to always chase things which social media dictates we should have.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Dimples wrote her reflection as a self-confessed workaholic.

“I’m a workaholic. But if there’s anything these past weeks have taught me is that it’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to look around you and enjoy what you already have than push yourself too hard to get what you want to a point you’ll get sick and tired trying,” she said.

Dimples added that sometimes, your idea of success will not be the same as others’ and that is completely fine.

“It’s okay not to own so much, just what we need and then some (big thank you for our solid mentors for this insight, you know who you are. It’s okay to just BE and embrace the simplicity of just BEING,” she continued.

The actress also reminded her followers that it is okay to relax and enjoy the things you already have in life “and not have to keep trying to have what you think you want to have only because others have it.”

Lastly, she said that it is okay to have big dreams but it should not hinder you from appreciating life’s simple and beautiful moments. “It’s okay to have dreams -BIG DREAMS but to not let your daily life’s simple, beautiful moments pass you by because you are trying and grinding to reach the dreams that are not even yours in the first place.”

“Social media has a nasty way of making us feel we’re doing less and often leaves us uninspired because we see so many of the good things happening to other people that we fail to realize just how beautiful it is really to live free of set expectations we may be subconsciously instilling in our system from reading too much of the good things,” she said.

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Angelica Panganiban pens appreciation post for Judy Ann Santos




Actress Angelica Panganiban penned an appreciation post for Judy Ann Santos and her family for constantly being there for her since the first trimester of pregnancy until now that she has given birth to her daughter Amila Sabine.

“Magmula 1st trimester ng pregnancy hanggang ngayon na nailabas ko na sa mundong ibabaw si Amila, walang tigil si ate Juday sa pagpapadala ng care packages. Kulang na lang siya magpaanak sakin,” Angelica said in an Instagram post.

This is why her partner Gregg Homan suggested that she see Judy Ann in order to help improve her mental health now that she is adjusting to motherhood.

“Isang araw habang dinadama ko ang pag iyak sa loob ng 3hrs. (Postpartum na kaya yun?) nag suggest si gregg na baka gusto ko makita si ate, para na rin sa mental health ko. Agad agad ko inavail ang offer niya,” she narrated.

Angelica also shared some photos from Judy Ann’s visit to Amila. “At eto na nga ang itsura ng pagtitipon ng mga pamilya namin.. (Luh,, may pamilya na talaga me),” she said.

She also expressed her appreciation to the Agoncillo family for the kindness that they have been extending to her family.

“THANK YOU Agoncillo family sa lahaaaat lahat. Napakabuti niyo sakin, kay Gregg at ngayon kay Bean. May mga pabaon pa si lunabun na very sanitized minnie mouse doll at may dessert pa from chef luna.”

Angelica recently shared that she has given birth to Amila Sabine last Sept. 20. “‘Bean’ waiting for you all my life,” she said as she shared a cropped photo of her daughter showing only her eyes and part of her nose.

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She announced in March that she and Gregg are expecting their first child. “Sa wakas!!! Magagampanan ko na rin ang pinaka hihintay, at pinaka importanteng papel ng buhay ko. Magiging ganap na INA na po ako.”

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