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Iya Villania-Arellano tells parents to treasure and capture little moments with kids



Iya Villania-Arellano reminds parents to cherish moments with their children as she shared a compilation of her kids’ precious bonding moments.

Iya and husband Drew Arellano have four kids – Primo, Leon, Alana, and Astro.

“My heart just can’t take it!!! What precious gifts they are to @drewarellano and I and to each other. But Lord, please don’t make me want more children!” she quipped.

She also told fellow parents to capture the little moments because they would want to look back at them one day.

“To the mamas and papas out there… cherish all those little moments and try to catch them too if you can. These are the moments you’ll always want to replay.”

She also tagged Drew who is currently not with them and told him that they already miss him. “@drewarellano… I know this doesn’t make it easier for you while you’re away. But because we’re cariño brutal like that, here it is anyway. We miss you! We’re here waiting for you!”

Drew replied with crying emojis.

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The Kapuso host gave birth to their youngest son March this year. Although it was the longest and most painful among all her deliveries, she considers it the most special; saying that she believes Astro will be their last child.

“I was praying for strength and courage EVERY SINGLE DAY hoping to get thru an unmedicated* birth to wrap up this journey (yes guys, I believe this is the last!),” she said.

“I was at 6cm and giving up when I asked for the drugs when all of a sudden God flipped a switch and I delivered 30-40mins after!!! He knew the desires of my heart and He opened my cervix up before the drugs came. What an experience. Thank you Lord.”

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‘Please pray for me’: Sunshine Dizon humingi ng panalangin habang nagpapagaling




Humihingi ng panalangin ang aktres na si Sunshine Dizon na kasalukuyang naka-confine sa ospital.

Sa isang Instagram post ay nagbahagi si Sunshine ng selfie dahil gusto niya raw pagaanin ang kaniyang loob sa kabila ng kaniyang pinagdaraanan.

“So this is my best effort to look cute and feel my rays of sunshine to uplift my spirits. So far thank God it’s not covid. Again I tested NEGATIVE FOR COVID. So far what my Pulmo is saying is Bronchitis,” ani Sunshine.

“I know prayers work wonders so please pray for me and everyone you know battling something.”

Bukod sa bronchitis ay inamin ng aktres na nakikipaglaban din siya sa ilang mental health issues gaya ng PTSD, depression, at iba pang issues.

“You may ask why now? Only because I want to free myself from the stigma. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. I know it’s very hard to get stuck in your head. But we can do it, baby steps. One day at a time.”

Bago ito ay naglabas siya ng saloobin tungkol sa mga napagtanto niya habang mag-isa sa ospital. Aniya, may mga taong gagawin ang lahat para lang makasama siya habang mayroon din namang ibang bibigyan lang siya ng mga palusot.

“Realizations, some people will love you enough to move mountains just to be with you, and some will have lame excuses because you are not and will never be their priority,” pahayag pa niya.

“I’m turning 40 next year. I have so many regrets but I don’t know how to go back to where I used to be. This not about work, this is about life altering decisions. Laying in a hospital bed alone at 3am, I ask myself was it all really worth it? I may never know the answers but I pray to God that I can let go of all my baggage, hurt and guilt. Finally find someone who will sleep beside me in this small hospital bed till I fall asleep.”

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Luis Manzano, may sweet na mensahe sa 30th birthday ng asawang si Jessy Mendiola




Nagbahagi ng sweet na birthday message ang aktor na si Luis Manzano para sa kaniyang asawang si Jessy Mendiola na malapit nang magsilang ng kanilang unang anak.

“Happy happy birthday to my howhow @jessymendiola I know what you go thru every day isn’t easy but Peanut and I appreciate everything you do for us. We love you Mama! Happy birthday, wake up na,” sabi ni Luis sa isang Instagram post.

Sa isang vlog kung saan sinagot nila ang mga katanungan tungkol sa pagiging bagong mga magulang ay inamin ni Jessy na noong una ay nahirapan siyang tanggapin ang mga pagbabago sa kaniyang katawan.

“Ako kasi I don’t feel like myself anymore. Kumbaga dati, may abs ako. Tas naka swimsuit pa ako lagi… Sa mga expectant mommies tulad ko, and sa mga nagbabalak magbuntis, hindi madali tanggapin sa simula na magbabago katawan mo mas lalo kung you were very active before the pregnancy or talagang ang tigas ng abs mo, liit ng waist mo,” sabi ng aktres.

“But as months go by, ‘pag nakikita mo na lumalaki yung tiyan mo, dun mo maiisip na it’s all worth it kasi you’re carrying a human inside of you and mas lalo na’ pag lumabas na ‘yun.”

Siniguro naman ni Luis kay Jessy na kahit magkaroon ng pagbabago sa kaniyang katawan kapag nanganak na siya ay mananatili siyang “hot” sa paningin nito.

Payo niya rin sa mga magiging ama na: “Congratulations na magiging tatay ka na but never forget that you are a husband first and foremost, you’re a partner first and foremost.”

Kapag dumating daw na lumaki at magkaroon na ng sariling buhay ang kanilang anak ay babalik at babalik sila sa pagiging partner sa kanilang asawa.

“Kung saka-sakali man ang anak mo ang lumaki na, kailangang mag-ibang bansa or anything. Ang maiiwan diyan, kayong dalawa pa rin. Never forget at the end of the day na you will always fall back to being a husband and being a partner so never lose that relationship.”

Panoorin dito ang buong vlog.

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KZ Tandingan pens emotional message to mom who became a Registered Nurse at 56




Singer KZ Tandingan is one proud daughter to her 56-year-old mom who recently took and passed the nurse licensure examination (NLE).

In a lengthy post on Facebook, KZ looked back on the sacrifices her mom Marites Tandingan, had to make along the way because she prioritized her children over her career.

Her mom got her license as a midwife at 18 years old and became a clinical instructor soon after. She then met KZ’s dad and they got married and had children.

“She attempted to balance being a mom and working, but in the end she made the decision to abandon the career she had fought so hard to achieve in order to concentrate on caring for her children,” KZ said.

When she and her sister were already in high school, her mom decided to pursue nursing. She later found out she was pregnant with her third child and after trying to make it work, she decided to put it on hold to focus on her pregnancy.

“When I finally went to college, my brother had already turned three yrs old, Mum continued her education attending classes on weekends till she received her diploma,” KZ narrated.

“At 43 or 44 yrs old, she tried taking the NLE without a proper review because there was just too much on her plate, and sadly she didn’t pass. She was so heartbroken that she thought maybe she’s too old or that she didn’t have what it took anymore.”

But about 10 years later, Marites decided to try again. For months, she focused on reviewing discreetly.

“Only the family knew abt it because she didn’t want people to be disappointed just in case she didn’t pass it again. She would study so hard that she’d fall asleep while reading her books and sometimes forget to take a break to eat,” she said.

“Today, 18 days after, the results came out, and I’m so proud to share that my mom, 56 yrs old, MARITES LOBRIGAS TANDINGAN is now a REGISTERED NURSE.”

KZ thanked her mom for sacrificing her career to prioritize her children’s well-being.

“Today is a reminder that God sees everything and that He rewards His children in His perfect time. Congratulations Mommy Tess! I’m so proud of you. I love you.”

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